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Some people find their passion. Other people get found by their passion.  The passion for creating through art found Caleb Lyons at a very young age. Browsing through the National Geographic magazine Caleb found himself inspired to recreate what he saw. He found it hard to speak, but he could express himself through art so he drew on everything he could find. Caleb was in 4th grade when they discovered his reading differences and had him tested for dyslexia. After hours of testing and discussions with his doctor, an understanding as to why Caleb struggled in school but thrived when he was creating became so apparent. For Caleb, this was a moment of relief and inner joy because up to this point he thought he was stupid and that something was wrong with him. ( My brain is different)

As he got older Caleb’s mom brought him home to homeschool him and she took the opportunity to introduce him to the grates. The works of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Renoir, and Rembrandt. The work of Leonardo da Vinci inspired him to pursue, create and see the world not just for its art but its scientific beauty as well.

Caleb attended UCO in Edmond, Oklahoma as an art major, and this is where he was introduced to the fine arts of charcoal. He was required to draw an art piece that focused on the art of working with a human subject. Caleb created the piece now hanging in our home by the name of “The Wagon Driver.” This piece set Caleb down a path of refining his ability to see and recreate the faces in front of him. He later went on to be a featured artist at the 50 Penn Place art gallery and both the Edmond and Paseo arts festivals.

Caleb longed to support his family by using his talent and passion for the arts, in 2008 after the great loss in his family he sought out a new artistic expression. Tattooing was a very new idea, but once it took root, it grew quite quickly. In three weeks time Caleb, his wife Christina and their three children moved to Nashville, TN for an apprenticeship. On May 3’ 2011 he unlocked the doors and turned on the open sign and began to co-create art with his community here on 23rd St.

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Beauty from Pain Tattoo - (405) 702-7240


In March of 2011 we signed the lease for our space here on NW 23rd street, just over thirty days later we opened Beauty from Pain Tattoo Studio. As we sat together surrounded by our family and friends we knew we were home.

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Beauty from Pain Tattoo's

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