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A heritage of art has woven itself into the lives of Lauren Chandler’s family. Her mother and grandparents have invested their time into their own styles of artistic expression and from them, Lauren has learned how full life can be when you create the art that inspires you. At fifteen years old Lauren knew she wanted to become a tattoo artist. The idea of being able to create a piece of art that became part of someone’s story, that would never leave them, inspired her to pursue this dream.

In 2012, after several years of working in and around tattoo studios, Lauren dedicated herself to the journey of becoming an Oklahoma tattoo artist. Her hard work and consistency to press through the difficulties of a two-year apprenticeship paid off. Lauren’s dream became her reality, and she hasn’t looked back.

Since she became a fully licensed tattoo artist, Lauren has learned the value of investing time with her clients and getting to know them so she can bring their ideas to life. She has learned to think outside of the box from great artists like Salvador Dali and is passionate about learning from the artists around her every day.

In 2017, Lauren moved into our studio and our hearts. As she begins to settle in and find her rhythm, Lauren’s passion for creating artwork that feels real and breathes, along with her clients’ stories, has started shining through. From the moment Lauren tried her first stick n’ poke tattoo, her passion has been to permanently become part of people’s lives in a way like no other artist can. Lauren feels that a tattoo is a piece of art that people get to carry around with them, and she is thrilled to get to be a part of their story

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In March of 2011 we signed the lease for our space here on NW 23rd street, just over thirty days later we opened Beauty from Pain Tattoo Studio. As we sat together surrounded by our family and friends we knew we were home.

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